How did the term Money Boat came into existence?

By admin • Titanic Artifacts • 3 Oct 2015

There is a reason why the term Money Boat or Millionaire’s Boat is given to the Lifeboat 1, which escaped with wealthy survivors from the Titanic. A Scottish landowner  named Sir Cosmo Duff- Gordon had bribed crew members of the lifeboat to proceed ahead and not waste time in helping other passengers.

The Lifeboat 1 as it was called, was capable of occupying 40 passengers but it made away with just 12 – five wealthy members including Cosmo Duff-Gordon and seven other crew members.  One of the other men on the boat, was Abraham Lincoln Salomon who had the first class menu of the last lunch on Titanic and a printed ticket of the Turkish bath onboard the Titanic. The two of the products were sold off for a good amount.

Picture onboard Carpathia - At the back (left to right): Saloman, Stengel Middle row: Hendrickson, Lady Duff Gordon, Francatelli, Sir Duff Gordon, Taylor. Seated - Symons, Horswell, Collins, Pusey.

Six month safter the ill-fated incident,  Mabel Francatelli, the secretary of Cosmo Duff- Gordon who was on the Money Boat wrote a letter to fellow traveler Salomon reminiscing the incident. This letter was sold for $7500

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