Captain of the Titanic

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Edward John Smith the Captain of the titanic was born in January 27th 1850 and Died April 15th 1912. Smith was the officer in command of the RMS Titanic by the time it struck the iceberg in the old hours of April 14, 1912.  He dies when the maiden voyage ship sunk in the early hours of the 15th April, 1912.  Smith was born in Hanley, England. He was the son of Edward Smith and Catherine Hancock. In 1880, Smith joined the White Star Line and successfully role through his career to become a fully qualified Lieutenant of the Royal Navy in 1888.

From 1904, Smith became a commander of the White Star Line company’s new ship during the maiden voyages. One of the first renowned ship commandant career of Smith is the command of the then largest ship in the world, Baltic, from 1904. He steered the ship on her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York without any incidents. Smith was popularly known as the “Millionaire’s captain” because the upper class or England’s royal class requested he be the command of the ships which they sailed on.

The life of the Captain of the titanic if described by a successful and long standing commander  career, which saw him advance in ranks to be the most reputable of the ship Captains. After his successful voyage with Baltic, Smith was given another ship, the Adriatic. This was three years after 1904. It is during his captainship with Adriatic ship, the largest by then that he was crowned as a Royal Navy Reserve long serving command. He got a promotion to be a commander and could then be called Captain Edward John Smith, RD, RND.

The acronyms RD stood for Reserve Decorations and RNR stood for Royal Reserve Navy.  Smith’s captainship trouble started in 20the September 1911, when the first Olympic ocean liner major collision occurred with a British warship. Olympic was the largest cruise at that time and was commanded by Smith later to be the Captain of the titanic. The accident was blamed on Olympic ocean liner’s large size, which could have suctioned and pulled the Hawke warship.

Despite the incident of Hawke warship collision, Smith was appointed to the command of the RMS Titanic in 1912. This was the newest of the Olympic class of ships. Smith had decided to retire after he had completed the Titanic maiden voyage. It was in 10th April 1912, when Smith the Captain of the titanic took on the sailing of Titanic. The ship left Southampton on the 11th April 2012.

Although a huge water displacement could have caused the Titanic to hit a laid up City of New York passenger liner, Smith averted the incident and the voyage began. At 11:40 pm the 14 April 1912, Titanic struck an iceberg in the North of Atlantic ocean. The ship sunk after about 2 hours 40 minutes, killing more than 1500 people including Smith, the Captain of the titanic. There are so many stories and theories, which try to explain the death of Smith and the bottom-line is that his remains have never been recovered and there is no conclusive evidence that points to the exact last minutes of Smith before Titanic went down the sea.

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