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The Titanic ocean liner ship was owned by White Star Liner, of J.P Morgan who was an American Tycoon. The cost of building RMS Titanic was $7.5 million and the acronym RMS stands for Royal Mail Steam. When Titanic maiden voyage ship was leaving the port at Southampton, in April 11th 1912, it caused a suction, which snapped the ropes of another ship S.S New York that was docked at the port. Tugboats raced to the scene to prevent the S.S New York from colliding with Titanic.

Captain Edward Smith managed to control Titanic and it took off successfully. The Titanic ship hit an iceberg before midnight 14th April 1912. Neighboring ships had reported the presence of icebergs but Titanic vessel continued to cruise at high speeds. When it collided with the iceberg, she was cruising at 22.5 knots, which is just about 0.5 knots below her maximum speed of 23 knots.

The exact time of the collision was 11:40pm on April 14th 1912. Although the damage of the hull was about 220 to 245 feet, the size of the opening that allowed water to get into the ship was 12 square foot. This is a size of a refrigerator. The downfall of the vessel was aggravated by lack of watertight compartments of the hull since they were open at the top.

Before the collision, 6 iceberg warning were received on the fateful day and these were not taken serious, considering the speed in which the ship was cruising. In this night, the moon was not out and the waters were still and it was therefore, very difficult to see the iceberg. The iceberg that was struck by Titanic was unusual and was not as white as many icebergs appear.

It was more of a clear look, which is said to have been caused by continuous melting of the ice. The clear surface reflected the dark night sky and the water appears as a mirror, which made it even more difficult to see the iceberg. The iceberg appeared as a black object and thus couldn’t be seen from a far.

There were 2227 people onboard Titanic at the time of the tragedy and only 705 survived. There are many diaries that were discovered, which try to illustrate the desperate moments experienced by Titanic passengers. Of the stories of Titanic, one of the most touching is that of a wealthy elderly couple that was named the Straus’.

During the evacuation of the passengers, the captain ordered that only women and children should board the lifeboats first and men remained behind. When Mrs. Straus learned that men could not board the lifeboats, she instead opted to stay behind with her husband and this for her meant death. This is such a bravery and courage from an elderly woman. There is a notion that had Captain Edward Smith acted differently; he could have saved the tragedy from occurring.

Having learned that the orders from the captain required women and children to be rescued first, one man named Daniel Buckley apparently disguised himself as a woman and managed to board one of the Titanic lifeboats. In addition, two dogs survived the tragedy. Last but least, during the time of the sinking, the temperature was about 31 degrees. This might have contributed to the many deaths of the passengers.

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