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Titanic is a vessel that was designed and constructed with advanced technology and safety innovations and although it eventually sank, it continues to surprise many people. In March 31, 1909, the construction of Titanic began in Belfast Ireland. The history of the titanic depicts that it took about 3000 laborers to construct the massive and sturdy RMS Titanic vessel. This vessel was constructed by the Harland & Wolff Co. The Titanic was owned by White Star Liner, a shipping company

It took three years to construct Titanic and its Maiden voyage began on 10th April 1912. Captain Edward Smith was the commandant of RMS Titanic at the time of its sinking. Smith joined the White Star liner, which owned Titanic in March 1180 and at this time he was a Fourth officer of SS Celtic. Smith quickly rose in stature and in 1887; he attained his first White Star command.

In 1888, he joined the Royal Navy Reserve and qualified as a full Lieutenant. In times of war, Smith could be called upon to operate in the Royal Navy. He also later served as a commander in the Royal Navy Reserve.  Smith rose in seniority becoming a reputable captain that was often referred to as the Millionaires’ Captain. Although Smith had some trouble in piloting previous vessels, such as Olympia, he was again appointed to be in command of the RMS Titanic upon its launch.

The maiden voyage of RMS Titanic began from Southampton. During the departure of Titanic from Southampton a huge amount of water was displaced and this suctioned the City of New York ship, which was docked nearby. However, Smith quickly managed to avert the collision and the journey started. This incident is described as a bad omen for the Titanic maiden voyage.

On 10th April 1912, the RMS Titanic left for the critical journey only four days after to hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean at Newfoundland. Titanic had been designed with a maximum cruising speed of 23knots. At the time Titanic hit an iceberg, she was cruising at 22.5 knots, which is just .05 knot to her maximum speed.

It is said that during that fateful day, about 6 icebergs warning where reported. The last iceberg that was hit by Titanic was not that big and it was not quite visible from a distance. When the accident occurred, it was dark and there was no moonlight. Titanic hit an iceberg at exactly 11:40pm on the 14th April 1912. There were about 2227 people onboard Titanic when it hit the iceberg. Of these people, about 1522 persons died and 705 survived.

The history of the titanic shows that although there were other ships closer such as Californian, steered by Captain Lord, it never responded to distressed call of Titanic. Carpathia was the ship, which responded to the distressed call of Titanic however, it has about 58 miles away from Titanic crash site and it could take it about 4 hours to get to the site. It was certainly impossible to make it in time since Titanic sank after about 2 hours later.

Although there were enough lifeboats, which could be used to save all the people onboard, this was not realized. Some boats were even dropped half full citing that there could have been loopholes in the rescue process. Captain Edward Smith is believed to have sunk with the ship and has never been found. On the following morning 15th April 1912, over 300 bodies were recovered from the sea.

Titanic was discovered on the 14th July 1986 and this was 74 years after it sank. The last survivor of the Titanic tragedy was Millvina Dean who died on the 31st May 2009 and Millvina is said to have been nine weeks old when the tragedy occur in 1912.  Since the discovery of Titanic, a lot of expeditions and explorations have been done to unearth the misery that betook Titanic.

Some of the remains of the wreckage and amazing artifacts have been discovered in the history of the titanic. The RMS Titanic Inc. was granted the mandate to excavate the site and there are over 6000 artifacts, which have been discovered. Titanic Captain Edward Smith had planned to retire after the maiden voyage but did not live to see his plans.

It is also thought that Captain Edward could have acted differently, he could have saved Titanic from hitting the iceberg. It is also said that the warnings that were reported about the iceberg were ignored. Carpthia picked the Titanic S.O.S signal and eventually took a mission to rescue the survivors but by the time it arrived, most of them had perished.  Most of the bodies that were recovered from the site search have been buried at Halifax.

Halifax is a living symbol of the Titanic tragedy and has become a site of great interest in the history of the titanic. Voyages have been organized every year to the Titanic crash sites and memorial services have been organized. April 15th 2012 marks 100th anniversary after the sinking of Titanic. There are exhibitions that have been organized in museums where artifacts of the remains of the wreckage have been preserved.

Pictures of the Titanic Sinking

Titanic sinking video

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