How did the Titanic sink ?

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The Titanic sank on April 14, 1912 when she collided against an iceberg on North Atlantic Ocean. Though the ship managed to avoid a headlong collision, the iceberg scraped through the starboard of the ship as a passing glance, which proved detrimental.

On that fateful night, there were six warnings given to Titanic about an approaching iceberg.  There were four warnings from ships like RMS Caronia, RMS Baltic, Athenia and SS Amerika; and later by two ships in the night, SS Californian and Mesaba.  While the first few messages during the course of the day was received and acknowledged by the captain of the ship, Edward Smith, who proposed a slight change in the course towards the South, the messages in the night were ignored.  The wireless operator Jack Phillips who was working at the time, was busy in sending messages for passengers through the Cape Race relay station,, Newfoundland . When the last warning message came from the Californian, he cut of the signal and sent a snappy message, “Shut up! Shut up! I’m working Cape Race.”.

The ship moved at a relatively swift speed of 22 knots which is 25 miles per hour or 41 kilometers per hour, which was a trifle short of its maximum speed.  At around 11 pm, most of the passengers had gone to sleep for the night.  Lookouts Fleet and Reginald Lee were occupying the crow’s nest 29 meters (95 ft) above the deck.  As the sea seemed calm, they couldn’t fathom that there would be an ice-berg right in front of them.  They did not even have binoculars and had to rely on poor quality optics. Fleet shouted, : “Iceberg right ahead.”  Signals were sounded and orders were sent to make sure that the ship averted the ice. Though a head-long collision was averted, a part of the ship hit the ice-berg which scrapped along the starboard, a passing glance. This proved detrimental as the water began to flood in and in a matter of two hours; the ship broke at the first bow at 2. 20 am and sinking bringing along with more than a thousand people.

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