How did the Titanic Sink ?

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The sinking of Titanic came with a lot of terrifying stories and surprising turn of events and every article of news, survivor stories and research undertakings have been going on to try to establish what could have happened in this fateful RMS Titanic. On the 2nd of April 1912, Titanic was to begin trial sailing, which was meant to test the vessel if it’s fit for sailing. On the 2nd she departed from Belfast and headed to Southampton where her maiden voyage to was meant to commence. Titanic arrived in Southampton on 4th April 1912.

The journey to New York started on 10th April 1912. As Titanic left the dock, a large water displacement occurred and this suctioned a nearby docked ship S.S. New York vessel and this prompted tugboats to speed to the scene to avert a collision. However, Captain Edward Smith managed to control Titanic and escaped the collisions. On the 10th April, 1912, Titanic arrived in Cherbourg, which is a French port and more passengers got aboard the ship.

In this destination, there were passengers who had just concluded a Grand Europe tour and were returning to New York. They wanted to board the newest and the most innovatively designed ship, the Titanic. Most of them were first class passengers. The same day, Titanic departed from the Cherbourg port and headed to Queenstown, which is also referred to as the Cobh in County Cork, Ireland.

At Queenstown, most of the passengers who boarded were second class passengers some of whom has sold their property in order to board the Titanic ship. Titanic was regarded as the “Unsinkable” since it had been designed with high level of technology. On 11th April 1912, Titanic left Queenstown for New York. On the 13th of April a day before the Titanic hit the iceberg, there were various warnings that were reported to Titanic about the presence of dangerous icebergs along the shipping lanes.

For example, a cargo boat that steamed on the opposite direction warned Titanic of icebergs ahead as it passed Titanic. On the 14th April around lunchtime, Baltic, which was a sister liner to Titanic radioed a warning on the presence of icebergs reported by a Greek steamer. It is quite interesting how ships used to communicate and relay information to each other while on their journey. Another signal that was meant for the Captain of Antillian and which originated from Leyland of Californian was intercepted by Titanic before it reached Antillian.

Another warning was reported by Mesaba, which may not have reached Titanic and this was meant to report a heavy pack of icebergs within the shipping lanes. Around 11:00pm, Californian vessel reported that she had been startled amidst ice and stopped. With these series of warnings, Titanic should have sensed that something was amiss. However, it seems like the fate of Titanic has already been sealed.

Apparently, there was a book that has been published by Morgan Robertson about a vessel called Titanic, which sank in the North Atlantic Ocean. The book was published many years before the building and sinking of titanic. It was released in 1898. The book was Titled “Futility”. This book is said to have prophesied the incident. Despite the warnings that were received by Titanic, it continued cruising at high speeds. By the time it hit the iceberg, it was travelling at 22.5 knots just about a half a knot to reach her maximum speed.

With such reporting of warnings and the weather, Titanic Captain should have taken some appropriate actions. A few seconds to the collision, two lookouts in the Titanic’s crow’s nest reported a dead iceberg just ahead. This was at 11.00pm and there was a close shave and a blowing glance. Thomas Andrew inspected the below of the ship and told Captain that the ship would sink after a few hours.

Captain Edward had swerved to stop hitting the iceberg but could not manage, it was too late and the fate was sealed.  The ship began filling with water and an evacuation began. Captain ordered that only women and children would go fast. As the evacuation continued, the Wallace Hartley band assembled and began playing to the agonized and troubled passengers.

Although Carpathia received a SOS call of distress, she could not make it in time since she was about 4 hours away from Titanic. At around 2.20am April 15th 1912, Titanic went down. It is believed that by the time it was going down, the Wallace Hartley orchestra was still playing and sank with the ship. About 2227 people aboard the Titanic vessel, 705 passengers survived.  A total of close to 1522 passengers perished in the tragedy.

The following morning more than 300 bodies were recovered. A few survivors were rescued such as Charles Joughin who is said to have been intoxicated by the time the ship sank and the whisky could have helped him to keep warm thus surviving the icy waters of Atlantic ocean. Charles Joughin and a few others were rescued three hours later by Carpathia. Also read about the survivors on Titanic.

Pictures of the Titanic sinking

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