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The sinking of Titanic way back in 1912 has left many rambling about what could have happened. Although there is a lot of titanic information that you can get on the internet, some of this information is conflicting and mostly it is based on speculations and theories of what could have happened. A practical example is the information about the total number of people of people who died.

Although at some degree, there is accurate titanic information about its sinking, at other times, there is inconclusive and inaccurate data that is presented to the viewers. Titanic was owned by White Star Liner and began its maiden voyage journey on the April 10, 1912 at Southampton dock under the Captainship of Edward Smith.

Much titanic information has been covered and this has helped people gain some insight as to what might have transpired on or before the fateful day of 15th April 1912. There following is a timeline of the RMS Titanic, and although Many Americans who had completed their Grand Tour of Europe wanted to sail with the Titanic back home, the ship did not get a full capacity booking. It was the largest ship of the Olympic series of vessels.

  • 2nd April 1912- Titan received sea trail by departing from Belfast to Southampton. Titanic left Belfast 08.00hours and arrived in Southampton on the Thursday of 4th April 1912 after midnight.
  • 10th April 1912- Titanic left Southampton and arrived at Cherbourg 90 minutes later. She departed from Cherbourg the same day at 08.10hours.
  • 11th April 1912- she arrived in Queenstown, which is also known as Cobh, County Cork, Ireland at 11.30hours. At 13.40hours, she departed from Queenstown for New York.
  • 14th Apri1912- Titanic hit the iceberg at Newfoundland in the North Atlantic Ocean. Titanic sank at about 02.20hours on the 15 April 1912.
  • 18th April 1912- Carpathia arrived in New York at around 21.00hours with the passengers who were rescued from RMS Titanic.

The chronology of events that betook Titanic is sometimes misrepresented in the titanic information, especially the date, timings and number of people who dies and those who survived. Titanic was designed to carry 3547 passengers and crew and at the time of hitting the iceberg, it had 2227 passengers on board. Of this number only about 705 passengers survived and this means that about 1522 passengers perished.

This number is sometimes misquoted though the differences are not that exaggerated. Perhaps it is true to say that more than 1500 people died from the sinking of Titanic and that more than 500 people survived. The Captain of RMS Titanic, Edward Smith, was former Royal Navy Reserve Lieutenant, and a Commandant of the Titanic Olympic vessel, which was the largest of the Olympic vessels as at that time.

About 300 bodies were recovered from the wreckage site the following morning after the crash of the Titanic vessel. More of the titanic information shows that about 150 bodies that were not claimed by relatives and friends were buried at Halifax.

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