Letter by Titanic Survivor sells for $7500

By admin • Titanic Artifacts • 3 Oct 2015

A letter from one of the few Titanic survivors, first class passenger Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon, who was accused of bribing members of the lifeboat, was sold for $7500.

Among the 12 wealthy passengers, who escaped on the Millionaire’s Boat, four of them were the landowner Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon, his wife Lucy, their secretary Mabel Francatelli and Abraham Lincoln Salomon, whose Titanic first class lunch menu sold for $88000.


The letter was read as under –


“I am afraid our nerves are still bad, as we had such trouble and anxiety added to our already awful experience by the very unjust inquiry when we arrived in London.

“Lady Gordon’s mother is with us and she would so much like to meet you being one who shared our boat.”

This letter was written to Salomon, by Mabel Francatelli, six months after the incident.  The British Wreck Commissioners Office absolved Duff-Gordon of any wrong-doing.  Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon,  in his version, stated that the money was not a bribe but a charity donation.

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