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Apparently Titanic by the time of sinking carried virtually passengers from all social and economic backgrounds. She is regarded to have been a “floating town” which accommodated passenger representatives of each divided class. Abroad RMS Titanic, there were valets, kitchen staff, nannies, maids, stewards, millionaires, young and the aged as well as Titanic engineers. In total there were about 2228 passengers and of these about 1,343 were passengers and 885 were crew.

Edward Smith was the millionaires’ captain and was praised of his stunning career in steering the latest and most advanced ships during those times. The Titanic passengers were affected by social economic differences and this is not the case today. You can board cruises today as long as you can afford to pay for the fares. The two world wars and the Great depression as well as humanitarian attitude have really changed the way people perceive life.

During the times of King George V, Queen Mary, and also late Edwardian, the society was such divided and virtually there were people who lived beyond the limits of life. During the maiden voyage of RMS Titanic, she was meant to sail through North Atlantic from Southampton to New York. This was one of the lucrative cruise ship routes. When Titanic left Southampton on the 10th April 1912, she made two stop over before the fateful moment.

First she stopped at Cherbourg, a French port. In this dock, she picked most of the high class passengers. These were wealthy and rich personalities who were returning from a Grand tour of Europe. After they had finished touring Europe, they wanted to get back home to New York with the newly released Olympia series liner by the White Star liner company. Titanic was by then the most luxurious and often described as the safest ship.

This is one of the reasons why many passengers waited to board this ship. The last stop of Titanic before she headed out to the Atlantic was Queenstown, which is today called the Cobh in Cork County of Ireland. Apparently, this destination saw third class passengers come on board the ship. These were steerage or F deck class passengers of the Titanic. It is assumed that many of these passengers had sold everything, which they owned in order to get a ticket for the new voyage vessel the Titanic.

From Queenstown, Titanic headed to the Atlantic Ocean and this was the final hours prior to its tragedy. In these hours, there were reports made to signal the dangers of presence of icebergs on the ship pathways. The operators is said to have been overwhelmed by passengers messages transmissions and could not have concentrated on the warning, which were being reported.

By the time the ship hit the iceberg, it was cruising at 22.5knots, which was just 0.5knots below its optimum speed. Soon after leaving the Queenstown, and in the late hours of 14th April 1912, Titanic reportedly hit an iceberg at Newfoundland area in the Atlantic Ocean. Of the passengers who were in the vessel are the 8 Titanic orchestra group, which is said to have showed some of the bravely characters. When the other passengers were being rescued, Wallace Hartley, the bandleader, assembled his orchestra and began playing to comfort the passengers who were in agony and frightened.

Titanic First Class passengers

The Titanic’s first class passenger list consisted of the wealthy upper-crest of the society and powerful people.  A single ticket for first class  on Titanic cost £30 (present day £2,201) and up to £872 (£63,845 today) for a parlour suite and small private promenade deck. The first class passengers onboared Titanic had perks and amenities like a squash court, Turkish baths, a gymnasium, a salt water swimming pool, electric baths, , kennels for first class dogs, elevators and both open and enclosed promenades. First class passengers also had their personal stuff accompanying them—valets, maids, nurses for the children, chauffeurs and cooks.

Some of the first-class passengers on Titanic were millionaires like Macy’s department store owner Isidor Straus and his wife Ida, Colonel John Jacob Astor IV and his 18-year-old pregnant wife Madeleine who were coming back to the US for their child’s birth, founder and president of Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company, Mr George Dennick Wick,; Pennsylvania Railroad executive John Thayer; Charles Hays, president of Canada’s Grand Trunk Railway; Denver millionaire and women’s rights activist Margaret Brown, Buffalo architect Edward Austin Kent. President William Howard Taft’s military aide, industrialist Benjamin Guggenheim streetcar magnate George Dunton Widener; American silent film actress Dorothy Gibson.

White Star financier J. P. Morgan and Milton S. Hershey had plans to be on-board, they cancelled at the last minute.

Titanic Second class passengers

The Titanic orchestra led by Wallace Hartley, were employed as crew but were given second-class seats. Peopl who fit in the category of second-class passengers were academics,  tourists, middle-class Americans and English families and clergy members.

The average ticket price for an adult second class passenger was £13, the equivalent of £954 today.Travelling in the second class of Titanic was like traveling in the first class ofsmaller ships.  Men had access to private smoking rooms and there was library for people to aces.  One of the passengers who survived,  schoolteacher Lawrence Beesley, a science master at Dulwich College was the first one to write an eyewitness account of the disaster in his book The Loss of the SS Titanic.

The Laroche family, father Joseph and daughters Simonne and Louise were the only known passengers from the black origin onboard the ship.   Michel Navratil, a French tailor who had kidnapped his two young sons, Michel Jr. and Edmond from his estranged wife, travelled in the fake name of Louis M. Hoffman. He was going to the United States with the kids. Michel Sr. died and the photographs of the boys were passed around throughout the world in the aniticpation  that their mother or another relative could recognize the French toddlers, who were famous as “The Titanic Orphans.”  Once the kids arrived in New York, they were tended for by another Titanic survivor Margaret Hays until their mother, Marcelle Navratil traveled from Nice, France to claim them.

 Titanic Third Class Passengers

People who fit into third class passenger list of Titanic were illegal immigrants who were looking  to start fresh errands in the US and Canada. The ticket prices were £7 (£514 today) and £9 (£660 today) for their ticket ; the prices were inclusive of railfare to the three departure ports. Tickets for children cost £3 (£220 today).

Mostly there were British, Scandinavian and Irish immigrants but other passengers on Titanic were from Lebanon, Syria, Hongkong and  Eastern-central Europe like Russia, Croatia, Bulgaria etc.  Most people in the third-class group were mothers with little childen who were travelling to the US to join their husband who had found some job there, and who had saved enough money to send their families in.

Some of the people in the third-class passenger list on-baord Titanic were ohn and Annie Sage immigrating to Jacksonville, Florida with their nine children, between the ages of 4 and 20 years; Frederick Goodwin travellnig with  his wife, Augusta, and their six kids to  apower plant in New York where he was going to work.  There were DNA tests done in 2007 which found out that a little toddler’s body  which was recovereed by the cable-repair ship  Mackay Benett which was entrusted with the job of recovering floating bodies after the Titanic disaster, was Frederick’s youngest child, 19-month-old Sidney..

There was  Anders and Alfrida Andersson of Sweden and their  5 children going to Canada along with Alfrida’s younger sister Anna, husband Ernst and baby Gilbert.  The Sages, Anderssons and Goodwins were all dead.

The youngest passenger on Titanic was a two month old chld Millvina Dean who, with her parents Bertram Sr. and Eva Dean and older brother Bertram, were emigrating from England to Kansas. She was the last survivor on Titanic who died in 2009.

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