Titanic 100th Anniversary Tribute

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April 15, 2012 was  a significant day for all people as all pay a tribute to the families, friends, and crew members who lost their life in the fateful RMS Titanic tragedy. The sinking of the Titanic came as a touching and heartfelt incident, which many people will keep to remember in their life. 100 years after the ship sunk in the North Atlantic ocean, the world joined hands to remember this day in different ways during the Titanic 100th Anniversary.

There were Titanic auctions arranged to offer an opportunity for people to sample out some of the items, which were discovered from the Wreck. The 100th anniversary has drawn a lot of interest among many people from all parts of the world.  There are cruises voyages that have been organized to offer a rare experience for those who would like to explore the journey and site where the tragedy took place.

The Titanic 100th Anniversary cruise trips gave an opportunity to descendants of the Titanic passengers and other cruise passengers to join the crowd of people who would like to gather where the Titanic wreckage lay on the bed of the Atlantic Ocean. It was  a chance for those people who would like to pay respect to the people who lost their lives during this tragedy and a Memorial service will take place at the exact time when the ship sunk 100 years before.

Before the ship hit the iceberg, there were 6 iceberg warning on the day of collision. On the time of the tragedy, there were 2,227 people on board and of these only 705 survived. A total of 1522 lost their lives and the Titanic 100th Anniversary theme is build on this human loss and bravery of the victims.

There are many Titanic survivor diaries that have been discovered and these try to bring out details and the despair involved during the fateful day of the tragedy. Titanic struck an iceberg in the Atlantic ocean near the coast of Newfoundland. The Titanic 100th Anniversary is also being commemorated in other ways. There are coupons available to enable people gain access to the artifact preservation museums.

It is certain that 2012 is a crucial year for the Titanic history since it when the artifacts of the wreckage go to an auction sale. There are many activities that have been lined up for the event and therefore, you need to watch out for the events that you can take part in. The date set for the commemoration of Titanic 100th Anniversary after the tragedy, is 15 April 2012 although the tragedy struck on the old hours of the 14th of April shortly before midnight of that date.

150 of the Titanic victims were buried in Halifax and there has been disgust on some of the activities and exploration work on the wreckage as well as the items offered for auctioning. However, RMS Titanic Inc, which was granted the mandate to excavate the tragedy site, maintains that its main aim is to preserve the artifacts as a symbol and honor of people who lost their life in that tragedy.

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