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The Titanic movie, which was first aired in 1997, is coming back into theaters around the globe in April 6th 2012 and this time it is featured in 3 dimensional images. The titanic in 3d is expected to assume a high status in the movie industry yet again this time featured in images that are plotted in three dimensional dynamics giving it the best pictures. James Cameron is the producer of the Titanic movie, which is an award winning film.

Since its inception in 1997, Titanic was nominated 14 times for the Oscar movie awards and out of these nominations, it won 11. This made it feature as the first movie to win such a high number of awards in the Academia awards. In 1997, Titanic film became the highest grossing movie and today it is ranked 6th in North America. The stars of the movie are Leonardo DiCaprio who acts as Jack Dawson and Kate Winslett who acts as Rose DeWitt Bukater.

Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater were on the ship during its fateful day on the 15 April 1912 when it hit an iceberg on the North of the Atlantic ocean collapsing and sinking thus killing about 1522 of the passengers who were onboard  the ill-fated RMS Titanic. The release of the titanic in 3d is made to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic way back in 1912.

The re-release of this movie is overseen by James Cameron who is the person who wrote, directed, produced and edited the Titanic movie that was first released in 1997. He is assisted by Jon Landau who also was involved in the production of the first version of James Cameron’s Titanic film 15 years ago. In anticipation for its release, Cameron is featured saying that there is a whole generation of people who have never seen the Titanic the way it was meant to be seen. This is yet another inspiration for him to redesign the movie in painstakingly 3 dimensional pictures.

The movie has been converted to 3D images, which give more emotional experience and the pictures and images themes are intact and are more powerful than ever before. Those people who have seen the previous version of Titanic are expected to experience a new look that has more fan. In yet another pride of the movie, the paramount chairman and CEO Brad Grey is also featured saying that the release of the titanic in 3d films coincides with the 100th anniversary of the paramount studio.

This makes Titanic it one of the most reputable, honored and respected as well as praised movies of all times. Today, Titanic, which is starred by Kate Winslett and Leonardo DiCaprio, is the second highest grossing movie after Avatar. Titanic remained the highest grossing movie for 12 years in a row until 2010 when it was overtaken by Avatar. Titanic is one of the beacons of glory in the movie industry and the titanic in 3d release has high expectations for the movie fans, a wholly new generations awaits the spectacular movie in theaters.

The Titanic in 3D movie also has attracted a fair share of controversies one of them being that director James Cameron is cashing on the publicity of the 100 anniversary of Titanic.

Director James Cameron has refuted these allegations and said, ” Yeah, you know look – there’s always going to be people that can —- in the soup of anything good. But frankly I think that remembering Titanic, remembering the history – that’s what the film was there for.
That’s why I made it, you know. I was fascinated by the story, I was fascinated by the history, the people that were heroic, the people that lost their lives.I was genuinely touched by the tragedy when I was there at the wreck. I think the film is a good focusing agent for that at this time when we should be remembering the wreck and its message, the disaster and its message for all of us.”

Technology used in Titanic 3D
John Landou the writer of Titanic says, “If we were doing it today, we would shoot the film in 3D. James wanted to but we did not have the technology, so the reason we are re-releasing it is that we feel that there is an appetite to see it again on the big screen. In regards to the 3D release, we are giving people the option, as we are re-releasing the 2D also, yet the 3D will be the archival master of our film for years to come. We feel the narrative storytelling is a selling point, and the ability to use 3D allows the audience the ‘transport of experience’ and to escape thanks to the storytelling, the characters and the performances.

He adds, “It was a mammoth task – every shot of the film is now a visual shot; every frame (24 per second) had to be looked at in terms of stereo depth processing. It surprises me how films release a 3D format in conjunction with their original 2D release, as they must only have six weeks to turn it around, and sometimes I feel that is the detriment to their product. We had 60 weeks to work on the conversion, and before that we had a year and a half of research and talks with vendors about the possibility of converting; the wonderful thing about conversion is that it is a creative process that uses technological tools, so we have not gone into the film editing it and doing a directors cut, we are converting not changing. We had 450 people working full time on the film, defining space and figuring out where objects sat in the shot. We used $18 million on this conversion, more of a budget than some films.”

The hardest shot in Titanic to convert into 3D was the portion where there were too many objects in the screen. James Landou says, ”
The toughest scene to actually do for example, was the scene where Jack joins Rose for dinner at the Captain’s table. There are so many objects on the table and so much attention to detail in the original production in the foreground and background, that to figure out which depth a glass should sit in. And also close-ups, because our faces have depth, so sometimes a face looks bloated or a nose may look flatter than they appear. However, the audience came first so we had to make sure the sentiment of the film was not lost. ”

James Landou and James Cameron admit that Avatar 3D actually helped them with Titanic 3D. “We learned so much from Avatar to help us with the Titanic conversion than you realise. 3D is not the be all and end all in action sequences because of the sharp editing, 3D is key in dialogue scenes where the nuance of performance can still be captured and still grab the audience. And we don’t want to own the rights to 3D filmmaking – we invite Steven [Spielberg] and Peter [Jackson] to learn from us as we are all storytellers and we want to push and improve the future of film.,” he signs off.

Titanic 3D Trailer

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