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By admin • Titanic Artifacts • 17 Mar 2012

Titanic auction will be held on April 1 at Guernsey’s, a New York City auction house. The results are going to be announced on April 15, 2012, 100 years after the ‘unsinkable’ sunk on its maiden voyage from England to New York City.

April 15, 1912, the day when the RMS Titanic vessel sunk, is a moment that many people in the world will always remember.  The ship was the most luxurious and the largest at that time, termed as the largest man-made creation of its time. This steam liner struck an iceberg on this fateful day leaving a wave of tragedy that people still remember now, afresh from the heart-rendering James Cameron movie that evinced pain and romance when it released in 1998.

More than 1,500 of the 2,228 people on board died when the Titanic struck an iceberg, causing the ship’s descent to the bottom of the ocean.

Many Titanic artifacts have been discovered throughout the years and these are a clear reflection of the disaster of the maiden voyage. Some of the best collections of the wreck have been reserved at the National Maritime Museum and  many other museums, while others have been sold to private artifact collectors. These collectors have bought these artifacts with large sums of money.

The biggest auction of Titanic artifacts will take place on April 1 as mentioned. According to a 2010 ruling, RMS(Royal Mail Service) is required to make the artifacts available “to present and future generations for public display and exhibition, historical review, scientific and scholarly research, and educational purposes.” The owner of the collection who buy these artifacts at the auction has to agree to the conditions. The artifacts are going to be sold as an entire collection or set.

The  Titanic wreckage was first discovered on September 1st  1985 by Dr. Robert Ballard, Jean Louise Michelle  and their US- French collaboration team about 400 miles off the shore of Newfoundland, Canada.

The subsequent 7 expeditions and explorations of the remains of the Titanic maiden voyage vessel from 1985 to 2004 have lead to the discovery of some of the most unique artifacts of the fallen vessel. There are many in number and below are some of the Titanic artifacts;

  • A wooden chair that is believed to have been used in one of the luxury suits.
  • Accounts of Fred Fleet, who is the man said to have spotted the iceberg that was struck by RMS Titanic vessel.
  • A pair of shoes retrieved from the wreckage is pretty amazing.
  • The prism skylight, that was mounted on the storerooms is one of the most beautiful of the Titanic artifacts
  • A life jacket of a man who lost his life to preserve his wife and unborn baby. This life jacket was used by Madeline Aston whose husband was John Jacob Aston.

In essence, the Titanic remains are a true and amazing reflection of what the disastrous tragedy holds in the souls and hearts of many people. You can learn more about the preceding and events of the tragedy from the National Maritime Museum.

An account of the maiden voyage vessel disaster is found in one of the Titanic artifacts, the Carpathia stationary. Another amazing discovery is the logometer that was used to determine the speed of Titanic vessel. By the time of the crash, RMS Titanic is said to have been cruising at 22.5 knots, which was just 0.5 knots from her maximum speed of 23 knots.

There are basically thousands of artifacts that have been preserved. The RMS Titanic Inc. is the exploration company that was granted mandate to carry put explorations at the Titanic wreckage site. It has carried out successive explorations and the latest was the eighth exploration, which has brought our some of the unique and fascinating features of the ill-fated Titanic.

Apart from the artifacts, there are many events covering the Titanic 100th anniversary.  A British company is going to organize Titanic Memorial Cruises wherein the Titanic Anniversary Cruise will leave from Southampton, England, on April 10th,  just like the original one did 100 years earlier. It will reach New York on April 18th, a destination that more than 1560  people could never reach, as they plunged into the depths of the sea to their deaths.

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