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By admin • Titanic Auction 2012 • 17 Mar 2012

There have been many explorations and expeditions carried out at the RMS Titanic crush sites and many items have been discovered. These artifacts have been preserved to keep remembrance of the fateful event that occurred on the early hours of the 15th of April 1912. The Titanic artifact exhibition offers an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the events that took place in this fateful night. There are countless stories of bravery and humanity that are featured throughout the story of the tragedy. The Titanic Auction 2012 event is a historic sale that gives people an opportunity to sample out some of the items, which were recovered from the wreck.

There are over 5,000 items that are expected to go on sale on the April 11, 2012, four days before the exact date, 100 years after the crush of the maiden voyage vessel. The sale is a unique one in that it is a commemoration sale of the 100th anniversary after the tragedy. If you are interested in getting yourself an artifact salvaged from the tragedy site, you can get these from the Titanic Auction 2012 exhibition.

According to the Associated Press, a collection of more than 5,500 items will go on auction sale and these includes items  such as eyeglasses, watches, bracelets, a large piece of the hull and fine china. Others are such as a set of binoculars, which is believed to belong to a passenger or crew member. The sale of these artifacts was appraised in 2007 and it estimated at a value of $189 million. These artifacts are owned by RMS Titanic, Inc, which is the America company that was granted the rights to salvage the wreckage of the ill-fated ship.

The company has made numerous explorations and plucked many items from the ocean floor about 12,000 feet, which is an equivalent of 2 and half miles under the sea surface. The Titanic Auction 2012 exhibition will be conducted by Guernsey’s Auctioneers and Brokers. It will take place in New York.

It has been ruled out that those who purchases the artifacts must perverse them and keep them available for public display so that future generations can have an indication and symbol of what transpired in the fateful day. The auction also includes 3 dimensional images of the wreck, the dives, and the first and perhaps the only detailed survey map of the shipwreck site. These items also include a sale of some of the archeological assets that were created by RMS Titanic, Inc.

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