Titanic Auction Items Sold – Tickets, Dinner Menu and more

By admin • Titanic Auction 2012 • 16 Apr 2012

The original Titanic ticket has been sold in an auction at New York auction house for $56,250, including the auction house premium.   The dinner menu of Titanic has been also sold including a few items that were recovered from Titanic wreckage.  The menu which had food dishes like Surrey Capon,  beef sirloin with horseradish and ox tongue sold for $31,250.

Both these were sold to private American buyers, according to the information provided by Gregg Dietrich, Bonhams’ maritime consultant.

One surprise however was the comparatively low price fetched for a telegraph that read “We have struck an iceberg.” That message sold for $27,500 – was sent to Titanic’s sister ship, the Olympic, about 3 hours before the Titanic sunk.

An item from Titanic that has still not sold is a handwritten account from the captain of Carpathia, the ship that rescued the survivors.  The Bonham’s Manhattan auction room was filled on Sunday with more than 60 people apart from bidders on phone and online. Most of the items were actually bought by Titanic collectors who have been buying artifacts over the years.

Three rivets and a piece of porthole glass that were recovered from wreckage in the North Atlantic sold for $12,500. There are still more than 5000 Titanic artifacts totally to millions of dollars still waiting to be sold.

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