Titanic Conspiracy Theories

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Titanic tragedy came with a fair share of conspiracy theories and controversies. It is even recalled that a writer had prophesied the sinking of Titanic in his book “Futility”, which talks of a ship called Titanic sinking in the North Atlantic Ocean. The book was written by Morgan Robertson and tells of a story of liner called Titanic, sinking in North Atlantic. Apparently this novel was written in 1898 and fourteen years later, an incident, which is similar to that featured in the novel, happened in the Atlantic.

This is believed to have been prophesied. Another theory which tries to explain the sinking of Titanic is that it was caused by recklessness by the crew members including the operators and the Captain Edward Smith. It is recalled that during that fateful, Titanic received about 6 warnings on the state and presence of icebergs along the shipping lanes. Even one warning was enough for Smith to make prompt decision to carefully sail through the ocean.

In addition, between November 1911 and the time of the Titanic’s maiden voyage, more than 100 vessels weighing between 100 to 300 tons had gone to the bed of the North Atlantic Ocean and specifically Newfoundland. It is therefore important to say that the area was a black spot.

Another theory, which tries to explain the tragic Titanic accident, is the conspiracy theory that is associated with the Federal Reserve and the Jesuits. Perhaps Edward Smith and the White Star Liner company owner J.P. Morgan, an American tycoon could throw light on what really happened. The Titanic conspiracy holds that there are people who believe that the Titanic Tragedy was simply a planned, orchestrated and funded tragedy, which was aimed at defrauding the insurance firms. The conspiracy was designed to make it one of the most advanced acts of insurance frauds at those times.

All these theories bring out a different view of what really caused the tragedy and it appears that much of the truth may just remain a misery and uncovered.

It is said that the sister ship of Titanic called Olympia was damaged in an accident with the HMS Hawke, on 20th September 1911. Olympia collided with this British warship, which left two of the compartments of Olympia filled and a propeller shaft twisted, however, she managed to limp back to Southampton. Captain Edward was on the bridge during the accident and a massive suction is blamed to have caused the collision.

Inconsistencies in the Titanic sinking point hands to a possible conspiracy that saw over 1500 people lose their lives. Small differences that have been analyzed in the two ships Titanic and Olympia, suggest that Olympia was redesigned to appear as Titanic. The idea was to swap the ships in order to defraud the insurance firms. One of the differences is the job paints that were on the alleged Titanic vessel.

Whereas the Olympia was painted white as a more friendly color, the Titanic was painted mainly black. Also the wheelhouse of Olympia had a bow front but from the shots footed from the top of a huge steel gantry, which was constructed by Hardand &Wolff, the company that built Titanic, do not depict this to be case with Titanic. Apparently, when Olympia collided with HMS Hawke, it was not compensated when the case was presented to court and this meant that is lost revenues.

Harland & Wolff did not have spare engine crankshaft, propeller shaft and propeller in order to replace for the damages done on Olympia and it is believed that Olympia was repaired using the parts of the unfinished Titanic vessel, which was already under construction. Some of these differences can be seen for example, one of the propellers from Titanic bears the number 01, which was model 401, used in the Titanic and probably this was transferred to Olympia.

Essentially, there are many aspects which leave a lot of doubts whether the sunken Titanic was really the real Titanic that was meant to be. It is mentioned that the individual contracted to build the Titanic, J.P Morgan was scheduled to broad the maiden voyage but he did cancel this trip.

Also the people who support this conspiracy say that a Jesuit tempore co-adjutor was selected to steer the ship. This is a man who is said he could do anything for the God’s will. Smith was the most experienced Captain and had navigated the Atlantic waters for over 26 years and he probably new almost all the dangers that engulfed that area. Smith who is considered a mater navigator of the Atlantic is said to have navigated directly to the iceberg despite the numerous warnings that were raised.


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    It was called Titan. The Futility story was about a ship called Titan.

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    Harland* and Wolff. The sister ship was called the Olympic. Get your facts straight!

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