Titanic Deleted Scenes

By admin • Titanic Movie • 23 Mar 2012

There are many clips of the Titanic movie, which have been deleted and this is perhaps because James Cameron and the movie production team did not see the scenes’ usefulness in the film or they appeared more side-splitting. However, for the film enthusiasts and lovers, every scene of the movie is as captivating and touching as the story narrates. The Titanic deleted scenes, to some extent, seem to have left a gap for the film lovers, and they also want to discover these scenes.

There are many sections that were deleted and some of them have been removed from public access. A total of 29 scenes were deleted from the Titanic movie and these are available on the collector’s edition. Some of the most common Titanic deleted scenes are featured allover on YouTube and other sites and there are other exclusive deleted scenes, which are only available on DVDs and other media.

They can be purchased from stores. Although some of these scenes are minor for the movie, they still add more weight to the prose and continuity of the movie and audiences would like to know more about these scenes. They may appear as less important on the Titanic movie but for the viewers, they add more insight on the James Cameron’s depiction of events of the film.

Cameron is the producer and editor of the Titanic movie cast. The Titanic deleted scenes might also have been necessitated by the lengthy constraints of the movie. The most amazing, fascinating, and also touching of the deleted scenes is the “I’m not going!”. This is one of the deleted scenes from the 4-disc collector edition of Titanic.

In this scene, Phillip continues to send the SOS but refuses to leave despite the pursuance and pressure, which is put by Bride on Phillip. In such as helter-skelter and moment when everyone is running for safety, and is getting off from the sinking vessel, an adamant response to get out for safety remains comical.

Titanic Deleted Scenes

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