Titanic – Dimensions, Rooms, Size of ship

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The size of the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic ship was 880 ft and 9 inches and this is approximately 260 meters. It was the largest ship as at that time.  The ship was 175 ft high, which is about 53m from the keel to the funnel. The gross weight of the Titanic ocean liner, which was the property of White Star Line, was 46,328 tons and this shows that it was a massive ship of the times.

In addition, the liner was 28m wide, which is equivalent to 92ft. The displacement of the ocean liner is measured at 52,310 tons. In addition, the draught of Titanic vessel was 10.5m. Another dimension that has been measured is the depth, which was scaled at 64ft and 6 inches and this is represented as 19.7m.  Other dimensions of the Titanic ocean liner where such as the stem engines, which were said they could release 15,000hp at 75 revolutions per minute.

The Titanic ship had a low pressure turbine. This turbine could generate 16,000hp although it was constructed to produce 46,000hp or more. It had a maximum speed of 23 knots, which is an equivalent of 45km per hour. By the time when it struck the iceberg, Titanic was cruising at 22.5 knots. The ship also had 9 decks, which were named from A to G and they all had boilers.

The power of the steam ship consisted of 24 double ended- six furnaces. It also has 5 single ended- 3 furnace marine boilers. The Titanic ship could carry over 3500 passengers though by the time it sunk there were 2,227 passengers. The ship had 740 staterooms. These included 262 third class rooms, 416 first class rooms, and 162 second class rooms.

There were also 40 open berthing sections. The luxury liner had other features such as squash court and a Turkish bath. It also had a gymnasium, a swimming pool and a veranda cafeteria. It is certain that the size of Titanic was more than it can be matched by the features.

Titanic First Class Room

First class smoke room

Dining room inside Titanic

The Reading Room

The Boat Deck

The Promenade

Titanic First Class Lounge Room

Turkish Baths

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