Titanic Dogs On board

By admin • Facts and Trivia • 16 Apr 2012

As Titanic made its descent to the sea floor,  one of the passengers, 24 year old Margaret Hays and her girlfriends fled their cabin along with their  Pomeranian pet dog Lily.  On the shocking Saturday night,  Margaret and her friend put on life jackets ready to take refuge in the safety of a life boat. One of the passengers remarked, “I suppose we ought to put a life preserver on the little doggie too.”

Margaret held Lily tight to her chest, as it was wrapped tightly in a blanket.  The dog and her mistress were to survive the most retold maritime disaster in history.  It is known that 12 dogs boarded the Titanic at Southampton on April 10. Out of these only three dogs survived and one of them was Lily.

The dogs of Titanic are displayed in the exhibition , RMS Titanic: 100 Years, that opened this week at the Widener Art Gallery at Widener University in Chester. The curator J. Joseph Edgette, professor emeritus of education and folklore at Widener and a Titanic scholar says, “Not a whole lot is known about the dogs. All belonged to first class passengers. When the rich and famous traveled they took their dogs with them.”

There is no official record of dogs on the database of passengers on Titanic because dogs were considered cargo.  There is also information on Airedale Kitty, a dog that belonged to financer John Jacor Astor. Neither she nor her master survived. Read more about Titanic survivor stories.

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