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At the time when Titanic sunk, she was the largest ship and the captain in command was Edward Smith. The ship was owned by The White Star Line company and its cost was about $ 7.5 million. The Titanic ship was a very luxurious cruise and this is depicted by the amount of ticket fares, which passengers had to pay.

The price of a first class ticket costed each passenger $4,700 as at that time, and this is equivalent of $570,000 and this is pretty a huge amount of money for a trip. When she left the Southampton dock on the 11th of April 1912, she nearly hit another ship that was docked, which is the S.S. New York and this is seen as a bad omen for the journey.

There were 6 warnings that were received about the presence of icebergs but the operator did not take the warning seriously and was preoccupied with message transmissions for the passengers. During the night of the tragedy, the waters were still and the night was moonless. The night was dark and the ocean was black.

The iceberg could not be seen from a distant. By the time of the collision, she was travelling at 22.5 knots and this was just 0.5 knots below her maximum speed. This definitely means that Titanic was over speeding. If the speed was less, Captain Edward Smith perhaps could have managed to avert the collision.

Apparently, the iceberg was not that big. In fact, it didn’t even come as high as the bridge of the Titanic ship.  The collision of Titanic occurred on Sunday April 14, 1912 at 11:40 pm and it sunk 2 hours and 40 minutes later on the 15th April 1912.

A total of 1517 people died and only 705 survived. Of the children aboard the ship, only 1 child died from the first class and 49 children from steerage. There were many dogs on the ship and only two survived. In addition, Charles Joughin is the only person who survived the ice cold waters of the Atlantic ocean.

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