Titanic First Class Dinner Menu Sold for £46,000

By admin • Titanic Auction 2012 • 6 Aug 2012

The Titanic First Class Dinner Menu was  sold off at an auction for £46,000  on Saturday, August 1, 2012.  More than 400 Titanic Memorabilia were put on for sale by Henry Aldridge and Son Auctioneers in England. The auction website said, “Although the Titanic sank 100 years ago, demand for memorabilia from her shows little sign of abating,”

As mentioned before, this is the first class dinner menu of the first dinner held onboard Titanic, when the ship sailed off for its ill-fated voyage on April 10, 1912. The Titanic last dinner menu auction was done on April 1, 2012 and was also sold for a whopping price.

The first class passengers indulged in the finest of dishes including crème reine margot (a creamy chicken and almond soup), roast duckling, Indian Rice, chicken a la Stanley and veal fillet.  The menu passed on to the present from the bygone era, thanks to the steward of the ship, Charles Caswell of Southampton, England, who sent it to his wife, when the ship halted at Ireland before proceeding ahead.  Charles died in the Titanic disaster.

Coming back to the auction, there were bidders from US, Hong Kong and the Ireland, but ultimately, the first class menu was purchased by a British collector.

Titanic First Class Dinner Menu

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