Titanic First Class Menu Sold for £76,000

By admin • News • 2 Apr 2012

Titanic First Class Menu for the last luncheon has been sold off for £76,000 ($122,000, 91,000 euros) at a British auction on Sunday (April 1, 2012). The date on the menu is April 14, 1912. The person who won the bid and bought the menu is a British based collector. The First Class menu is one of the prized attractions of the Titanic auction.

The dishes which were a part of the menu were chicken a la Maryland, which is actually fried chicken with creamy gravy and eggs Argenteuil, a plate of poached eggs with asparagus. Auctioneer Andrew Alridge said, “The menu carries the all-important date of April 14 and gives the reader a fascinating insight into the culinary life of Titanic’s elite passengers.”  The other dishes in the menu included more a than 40 varieties of courses which included grilled mutton chops and chicken galatine.

How the First Class Titanic menu found its way from 1912 to 2012 had an interesting anecdote to it.  The menu was served to American banker Washington Dodge. His wife Ruth had slipped the menu card into her handbag after lunch, not aware that they would meet with the horrifying fate in a few hours’ time.  The couple and their little son Washington Junior survived the tragedy as they found safety in a lifeboat. The menu was with the family since then, till the auction date.

Here is how the Titanic first class menu looks .

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