Titanic Games for Kids

By admin • Games • 27 Mar 2012

The sinking of Titanic maiden voyage remains in the hearts of many people and in order to keep the story alive for the new generation, it is presented in different ways. It has been presented through movies, artifacts collections, for instance, those explored by RMS Titanic Inc., cartoon productions, children games and other ways. There are Titanic games for kids that are found on the internet and these can help the young kids learn about the past events of heartfelt Titanic tragedy.

Although they may not get the whole story featured in the games, they can get an idea of what happened. The essence of the titanic games is to create an imagination of a long told story, which took the world by surprise about a century ago. In 15th April 1912, a journey that was meant for pleasure, celebration, pride, love, and enjoyment turned to a tragedy end.

Somewhere in the North of Atlantic Ocean, Titanic hit an iceberg and two hours later went down the sea killing approximately 1,522 passengers out of the estimated 2227 passengers who were onboard. Only about 705 people survived in that tragic ship accident. Although the captain was one of the most reputable, trusted, experienced and praised, the Titanic story tells people that accidents can occur and at the least expected time. Children can use the online titanic games for both fun and as well as learn something about the past.

There are many different games and whereas some are free, there are also paid games. These games can create fun in children and at the same times, they help them learn. The games help children to learn the facts about the Titanic maiden voyage such as when it occurs, the right time of the sinking and how many people lost their life in the tragedy.

If you would like to get Titanic games for kids, there are plenty and all may have different presentation materials but a common theme of a tragic accident. Other games are derived from the Titanic movie, which featured Rose and Jack, both from different social classes falling love amidst the Titanic Voyage only for the unimaginable to strike on the 15th of April 1912.

One of the popular Titanic games for kids include ‘Hidden Expedition Game’ where you have to find out lost items on the Titanic.  You have to explore the wreckage fo the ship and collect Titanic artifacts. Through 14 diving missions you have to explore 17 locations on the lookout for some smartly hidden clues that can give the key to the ultimate treasure – the crown jewels !

The Titanic sinking games- Here the game is based on the sinking ship. First class passengers are waiting to go in life boats. You are a third class passenger who has no esccape, unless you collect enough money to bribe the crew into giving you a life boat. So you have to take money from the cabins, reach the upper deck somehow before the water gathers, bribe the guards and then get into lifeboats.

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