Titanic Grand Staircase

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The Grand Staircase of the RMS Titanic was the first class entrance aboard the Titanic. There were two Grand Staircases in all, to be used only by First-class passengers. The four Grand Staircase ran five levels down from the Boat deck to the D Deck and then continued right down to the F deck as ordinary stairway.

The RMS Titanic Grand Staircase had glass domes that allowed natural light to enter the area during the day and had detailed working in the form of bronze cherubs, which served as lamp supports on the middle railings, oak paneling, intricate carvings and many other finer detailing.  The Fore Staircase had a clock surrounded by a detailed oak carving that displayed ‘Honour and Glory Time’  and the Aft Staircase also had an ornate clock.

An explorer known as Robert Ballard who was able to photograph the remains of the Titanic staircase, said that the steel infrastructure is still intact but the wood was eaten away by insects and microbes.  You can still find the Titanic staircase deep down in the sea. Find out how Titanic looks now.

Things that are still intact of the Titanic Grand Staircase include the light fittings, the steel structures and balustrades of the staircase.

There is an interesting story about the replica of the Titanic Grand Staircase which was used for filming the movie in 1997. While they submerged the set as a part of the film,  the Grand Staircase broke apart from the framework.  This also showed that the real Grand Staircase also may have also broke away and not floated in the water and sunk as believed. The disintegrated debris and wood scattered here and there along with steel fixtures remaining show that the wood may have disintegrated

As for the aft Grand Staircase, it is proven that it broke apart after the ship broke just prior to sinking. The debris and wood were found floating. During the course of the 1987 investigation to find the Titanic wreck,  the things that were seen remaining of the Grand Staircase was the bronze cherub lamb, which had broken away from the statue’s hands.  This lamp was found somewhere in the debris close to the one of the Grand Staircase. You can see the RMS Grand staircase on display at the Titanic Museum, in Orlando United States.  Find out where Titanic is now.

The woodwork and paneling were done by craftsman in the English Mary and William style. The grillwork and ormolu garlands inspired by the French court of Louis XIV. Detailed replicas of the Grand Staircase is also seen in many museums including the one in Branson, Missouri.  It was built with the original deck plans that were used in the actual ship; the only exception is that the museum one has brass hand rails below the original handrails for safety.


Titanic Grand Staircase Underwater

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