Titanic Heart of the Ocean

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The origin of titanic heart of ocean on the RMS Titanic maiden voyage is accounted for a blue sapphire pendant necklace that was given to a passenger Kate Florence Phillips when she was aboard Titanic. It was given to her by her married lover Samuel Morley. The two lovers were fleeing to American where they would begin a new life and the journey was never accomplished as Titanic hit an iceberg somewhere in Newfoundland in North Atlantic ocean.

Morley died in the strategic sinking of the Titanic and this story probably is what inspired the famous movie producer James Cameron to produce the movie Titanic. The necklace that was designed for the movie was created by London jewelers Asprey & Garrard. This necklace was designed using blue cubic zirconium, which was set in white gold and the cost of designing the necklaces was estimated to be about $10,000 dollars.

The necklace is today found in the Twentieth Century Fox’s archives. There have been other productions of the Titanic heart of ocean and one is that which was created by jeweler Harry Winston using a 15 carat blue diamond. This was a $20 million necklace and it was worn by Gloria Stuart in the 1998 Academy awards. Gloria Stuart was born in 1910 and died in 2010 and was an American actress and a fine painter.

Gloria appeared as the elderly Rose Dawson Calvert in the Academy award winning movie, the Titanic.  In the Titanic movie, the Titanic heart of ocean is a fictional diamond that was embedded on a necklace, which is said to be in the wreckage of the sunken Titanic. This necklace is also featured in the 1943 film version of Titanic, where a blue diamond plays a big role in a love scene.

In this movie, the necklace is featured to have been stolen and this creates a theatrical break in a love relationship and this is a fundamental factor in this drama. In yet another movie, the treasure hunter Brock Lovett, which was played by Bill Paxton, and which captures a theme of diamond in a sunken Titanic vessel, this is another amazing movie.

The theme of the Titanic diamond comes from the Hope Diamond, which was worn by Louis XVI. It is said that after Louis XVI was executed in 1793, the diamond was reshaped. It was cut in the shape of a heart and named the heart of ocean. The story of this diamond was more or less the same as that of the real Hope Diamond, which was worn by Louis VIV.

In the Titanic movie, the story of the necklace resurfaced in a drawing of a first class passenger Rose DeWitt Bukater, which is acted by Gloria Stewart and Kate Winslett in the Titanic Movie. The Titanic heart of ocean was given to Rose as a symbol of a love and happiness by her love Caledon Hockley. When Rose met with Jack aboard the Titanic as shown on the movie, Rose wore the necklace as Jack drew her nude.

Before the ship sank, Caledon Hockley put his outer coat on Rose, which was a show of caring and protection for her and Rose forgot that the necklace was in the pocket. After the sinking of the Titanic, Rose was rescued and travelled to New York and this is when she discovered that necklace was in her coat. At the end of the Titanic movie, Rose is shown walking to the stem of the salvage vessel and she produces the Titanic heart of ocean.

In the movie, Rose lets the necklace fall into the ocean right from her hand signifying loss of a love. In yet another ending of the movie, Lovett and Rose’s Granddaughter Lizzie are featured as they walk on the deck and run to confront Rose. She showed them the diamond and she is featured as saying that she wanted to sell it in different occasions and could not do so. She wanted to live without the help of Caledon money.

In the movie, she lets Lovett to hold the necklace in her palm before he tossed it overboard. The titanic heart of ocean, which is featured in Titanic by Kate and Rose, was a 170 carat heart shaped sapphire and has 65 diamonds each with 30 carats. This necklace was worn by Celine Dion at the Oscar ceremony when she sang the song “My Heart Will Go On”.

Although the market value or price of the necklace was estimated at about $3.5 million, it was later sold at auction for $2.2 million. The necklace had been designed in a cost of $10,000. It is an inspirational tool to James Cameron when he sets things rolling to produce the ward winning Titanic movie. Different jewelers have produced different versions of titanic heart of ocean and all have played a role of s symbol of love and care.

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