Titanic Memorial Cruise 2012

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The Titanic cruise ship set sail from England on Sunday April 8, 2012 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Titanic sinking. The ship carried relatives of more than 1,500 people who died more than 100 years ago.  It is a 12 night cruise that will also include a visit to the North Atlantic location, the exact location of Titanic sinking.

Waving passengers were along the decks as the ship prepared to set sail, many dressed in period costumes as first-class passengers, crew members, steerage passenger and stewards. There were 1,309 passengers on board.

The name of the ship is MS Balmoral that will go along the same route as Titanic, though the ship left the harbor two days earlier before Titanic did. This is because the news ship is a smaller one and has slower speed than the ‘unsinkable’.

The Balmoral is run by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, whose parent company, Harland and Wolff, built the Titanic in Belfast. Miles Morgan Travel, which specializes in tailor-made holidays, has chartered the ship for the event.

The organizer of MS Balmoral will create the same exciting experience minus any tragedy (God bless). There will be live band music from that era and food that were a part of the 1912  Titanic menu.  The meals will be the same that were served in those days.  There will be a formal dinner on April 13 as well. Hopefully, there will not be much demarcation of class as it was in those times.

The tickets for MS Balmoral costs between 2799 pounds ($4,445)  and 5,995 pounds ($9,520).

Apart from the regular passengers, there are relatives of around 700 survivors, along with historians and authors.  There are people coming from as many as 28 countries including the relatives of passengers who died. The passengers will be attending lectures by historians and experts who have conducted research on the Titanic wreck, including Philip Littlejohn, grandson of a Titanic survivor

At  11:40, there will be a special memorial service to mark the historically tragic moment when Titanic hit the iceberg, and later at the exact moment when the ship went down.

MS Balmoral left Southampton on April 8, 2012 on the same route as Titanic cruised along 100 years ago. However, MS Balmoral which was due to reach Cobh, on the southern coast of County Cork, in the afternoon of April 9, was delayed by a few hours. Bad weather and rough seas played truant and the ship reached Cobh by early evening.

MS Balmoral will follow the exact route traversed by Titanic via Cherbourg, in north-west France and Cobh – to the area in North Atlantic Ocean where the ship sank, 375 miles south of Newfoundland.


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