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By admin • Titanic 100th Anniversary, Titanic Memorial Cruise • 20 Mar 2012

In one of the series of events that are organized for the remembrance and honor of the victims for the Titanic 100th anniversary for the ship that crashed the late hours of the 14th April 1912, and sunk shortly on the early morning of 15th April 1912, the Titanic memorial cruise is one of the most interesting. It is trip that is made to take passengers round the itinerary of the Titanic cruise.

April 15th 2012 is a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic tragedy and the trip gives passengers an opportunity to visit the site where the tragedy occurred. Descendants of the Titanic passengers and enthusiastic passengers will get their lifetime chance to visit the site. As part of the Titanic memorial cruise trip, a special Memorial services will take place at the tragedy site, and at the exact time when the ship sank 100 years before.

In New York, the journey is set to begin on the 10th April 2012, at the exact date 100 years before, when Titanic departed Southampton (UK) on the Wednesday of 11th April 1912. The cruise will make its way to Halifax where remain of some of the victims of the tragedy are buried. Onboard the Titanic memorial cruise, the passengers will get to relax and get lecturers about the down-hearting story of the Titanic.

Halifax is one of the places that connection with the disaster since it is where most of the unclaimed victims of the tragedy have been laid to rest. Of the 1522 persons who died from the Titanic tragedy, only 306 bodies were recovered and of these 150 are buried at Halifax. These are mainly those that were unclaimed.  Most of the victims were never recovered. Therefore, the travelers will have an opportunity to visit the Fairview Lawn Cemetery, which is symbol of the RMS Titanic tragedy.

There are discounts offered on the Titanic memorial cruise trip and this can offer you an opportunity to visit the memorial site of Halifax and the ultimate tragedy site in the North Atlantic Ocean. There is also cruise voyage set dock off at Southampton, which is the initial start off point of the Titanic Journey. In essence, there are different cruises that have been organized to enable travelers make their memorial trip to the Titanic site. These provide a good opportunity for the passenger to pay tribute and respect to the people who lost their lives in that fateful day. The Titanic tragedy shows the kind of bravery and that humans can show. Book Titanic Memorial Cruise and to check out how it looks.


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