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Just like the other cruise ship voyages at the times, eating was and is today seen as major part of a trip. The cuisine that is offered helps determine the experience, which the guests have. With Titanic, there were menus for the first class passengers and those for the second class passengers. The menus were designed with several courses with starters, main course, desserts and some coffee or tea after the meals.

The first class received the highest standards of the means and it had several courses. This was so because this group of passengers was composed of high class individuals and the elite persons of the times and they definitely needed the most exclusive dinning services. For the second class passengers, the meals were also of high standards only that they may not have had the many courses that were witnessed with the fist class menus.

For example, a menu that was served on the 14th April 1912 on the first class dining saloon shows that the menu had ten courses. Such a menu shows the kind of dining experience, which the first class passengers really received. This is a menu that 100 years later can feature very well in a modern restaurant and dining experience.

The dinner menu for the first class on the 14th April 1912 was also served with different wine for each course. This further describes the kind of services that was accorded as this was truly a first class service. Besides the ten course menu, the guests were also offered fresh fruits and cheese and this was followed by coffee and if desired, some distilled spirit.

There were a lot of selections from the menu and this was actually the best treat a passenger could get. Apparently, for the second class they had also high standards meals and although the meals had several courses, there were not as many as the first class. On the F deck, which was popularly referred to as the “steerage” in Titanic, they were offered standard hearty meals, which were served in their own Spartan dining saloon.

On the last day aboard the ill-fated Titanic, first-class passengers were served delectable items like Eggs Argenteuil, Chicken a la Maryland and fillets of brill. This particular first class menu of the final dinner dated April 15, 1912 was for auction on March 31, 2012. The valuable collectible of Titanic artifact collected  100,000 pounds — or about $157,000.

The first class Titanic menu that you see in the picture was of the meal that was served to first class passenger Dr. Washington Dodge. His wife, Ruth, put it in her handbag,

The Dodge’s survived the sinking of the Titanic. Once she made it safely to shore on a lifeboat, Mrs. Dodge gave first-hand account of how it all happened.

“I will never forget,” she said, according to Henry Aldridge and Son Auctioneers’ website, “the awful scene of the great steamer as we drew away. From the upper rails heroic husbands and fathers were waving and throwing kisses to their womenfolk in the receding lifeboats.”

Titanic First Class Menu

Titanic Second Class Menu

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