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By admin • Titanic Movie • 23 Mar 2012

The production of the Titanic movie began in 1995 and it was until late 1997 when it was released in the market. It is one of the most touching movies and it is based on the events of the tragedy of the Titanic ship. Its theme is coiled around a romance and disaster experience and brings out an epic of fascinating and yet down-hearting love story that ends in a tragedy.

The Titanic movie was nominated in various awards and of the 14 Oscar nominations, it won 11 of them. This made it the first movie to win such a number of Oscar movie award nominations. In 1997, Titanic became the highest gross earning film and it is today ranked the 6th in North America.

James Cameron who is the co-producer and co-editor of the Titanic film went down to the wreckage 12 times. Most of the shots that are presented at Titanic at the sea are not real but were shot in Baja, Mexico. Many of the extra persons in the movie were Mexicans.

In order to create a frost effect of the scene, special powdered substance mixed with medical adhesive that causes crystallization was used. In the movie there are no people under the exact names Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, who were on the ill-fated ship.

Also in that movie, Jack and Rose are seen flying on the front of the ship as they kiss. The sunset that is featured behind them is real and was filmed before the sun went down as part of the movie filming.

In the movie scene, when Kate Winslet is viewed floating, this is a piece of wood. This is viewed at the end of the movie. Some of the footage that was taken by Cameron’s special camera had not been seen since 1912.

In his movie production, Cameron had vowed never to make the movie unless he had successfully dived to the ship wreckage and brought with him motion pictures of the wreck. In addition, when the ship was sinking, the movie shows a feeling of breathing in cold. This was actually computer generated since the movie was filmed in a hot weather in Mexico.

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