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An inspired and touched John Joslyn embarked an expedition on the Titanic sinking site in order to bring out some of the haunting photos, remains and artifacts of the ill-fated RMS Titanic. On 14th April 1912 at exactly 11:40pm, Titanic hit an iceberg at the Newfoundland area in North Atlantic. Hours later, in the early hour of morning 15th April 1912, the gigantic RMS Titanic collapsed and drop down to the sea bed. It today rests over 12,480 feet, which is about 2.5 miles below the sea surface.

The Titanic museum pigeon forge is yet another of the series of museums, which have been set up to help in the preservation of the artifacts of the wrecked Titanic vessel. In 1987, John Joslyn left for the Titanic crash site with a team of 44. In a 6 million dollar expedition, Joslyn who is the owner of Titanic museum in Pigeon Forge spearheaded the team to the expedition at the Atlantic Ocean.

The team dived into the ocean bed where Titanic rests about 32 times capturing some of the amazing pictures of the ill-fated Titanic. The team also collected some of the Titanic museum pigeon forge artifacts, which remain a symbol of hope and remembrance for the people who lost their lives as well as courage to those who survived. Although there may be no living legendary survivors of the Titanic it has been a breakthrough to carry out expeditions in this ill-fated wreckage.

It is until the July 14th 1986, 74 years after the sinking of Titanic when the ship was discovered. Since then there has been successive discovery attempts, which have bared fruits. Many items have been discovered from the site and are being preserved in world’s renowned museums such as the Titanic museum pigeon forge. Joslyn and his team dropped to the site with a 20 million dollar submersible and came back with haunting ghost like images.

This prompted Joslyn to document “The Return to Titanic… Live!” in a TV documentary. This became the second highest rated TV documentary ever. The Titanic museum pigeon forge and the museum at Branson are two iconic symbols that have been developed to commemorate the terrifying moments that the Titanic passengers went through. The Pigeon Forge museum offers a Titanic atmosphere and the museum is constructed to resemble the Titanic.

It is described as a “Living Theatre” because of its ability to capture the theme and environment of the Titanic. Visitors are able to touch finely crafted wooden inlays, feel an iceberg, and grasp the wheel on the Captain’s bridge. In addition, visitors leisurely walk through decks and museum galleries as well as listen to stories that are told by real survivors.

The Titanic museum pigeon forge offers an ideal educational and interactive experience for the visitors including the children. There are over 400 collectibles of the ill-fated RMS Titanic, which are preserved in this museum.  The visitors can also walk on the hallways, cabins, grand staircases and parlors. The Pigeon Forge Titanic museum is a permanent attraction, which is created in memory and honor of the Titanic and its passengers.

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