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The featured Titanic newspaper articles that reported the events of the crash and subsequent sinking of the RMS Titanic covered different and conflicting stories. The publications and the information that was covered before the next day after the fateful tragedy varied in circumstances and contents often reporting different accounts of the dreadful event. The RMS Titanic stories began with positive news for instance, the headline of the Syracuse Herald, which featured the Titanic newspaper articles on April 15th after the sinking of Titanic, read “Titanic’s Passengers All Rescued”.

However, what was started as a positive knot of the news turned out to be contrary to the actual event and the reality came as out of speculation and much worse that it was thought. Although Titanic was said to be “unsinkable” vessel constructed to surpass security and safety of sailing on the sea, this was not the case for Titanic. The maiden voyage that ended on 14th April 1912 was certainly one of the most terrifying tragedies in the history of cruise ships as depicted by the Titanic newspaper articles and the survivors of the tragedy.

Titanic was then the largest and perhaps the most innovatively designed ship that was said to be safe and Captained by the most experienced and reputable Captain Edward Smith. However, all these turned to the fateful tragedy. The Olympic series of vessels were dealt a blow by the sinking of Titanic and perhaps this changed the history of maritime voyages. Titanic newspaper articles continued to bring out more coverage of the story after the fateful day and many cited different stories at different angles.

There are many of these newspapers that have been preserved and show coverage of what transpired during this hearting moments. Some of the news collections have been replicated and archived as collectible items. Indeed, the stories have been featured in different forms such as use of T-shirts and mugs all of which try to tell the story to the audiences. There also hundreds of Titanic newspaper articles that are featured on the internet and they provide more information for the public to read.

Of the Titanic collector items, the news articles are some the most famous and they bring out the history of Titanic in both relevancy and extremity. As the world commemorates 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, more news articles of the tragedy are offered for sale bringing out the fresh moments of the event just the way it was covered by these news articles.

The NY Times Newspaper article of 1912 compiles a series of full size reprints, which are extracted from the New York American that featured the Titanic news on 16th April 1912. The Titanic newspaper articles from New York American news show dramatic photos and engravings of the event. All these featured news articles capture the dramatizing Titanic event and bring out the most touching stories of the tragedy. You can today get a glance of the events that took place in the fateful day by reading through the Titanic newspaper articles from the featured Newspapers, which reported the news after the sinking of Titanic.

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