Titanic Wreckage – Pictures of the Titanic Under Water

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When Titanic went down on April 15th 1912 at around 2.20 hours, a search of the ship began immediately. One of the ships, which were close to the area, was Carpathia. This ship had received the distressed call of Titanic and came to its rescue. However, Carpathia was more than 4 hours away from the Titanic crash site and did not manage to come close enough to rescue the Titanic passengers. Although Carpathia pushed hard their engines to their limits, they did not manage to reach Titanic tragedy site in time.

In 1912, the sinking of the Titanic raised global interests and people proposed methods to raise the ship from the sea bed. Wealthy survivors of the ship are some of the persons who wanted the ship raised from the sea. However, there were numerous challenges to this aspect of raising the ship from the sea. One, the technology of that time could not even locate the ship leave alone bringing it to the sea surface.

Second, even if the ship was located, it was still too heavy to bring it to the surface considering that it was one of the heaviest and largest ships. For more than six years after the sinking of Titanic, different methods of raising the ship were proposed but each method was faced by a flaw. For many years, speculations on the locations of Titanic abounded but no one could identify exactly where the wreckage rested on the sea bed.

In early 1980’s, a wealthy Texas man was obsessed with mapping out the location of Titanic. At this time, technology had advanced and despite numerous attempts in several years, still there was no success in locating the wreckage. It continued to remain a misery for the Texas billionaire and other people interested. In 1985, a number of American and French scientist sailed to the location where Titanic is said to have sank. They could however not locate it and for over six years, it became skeptical to the world that Titanic could ever be located.

At this time, it was thought that Titanic might have collapse and rotten from the sea water effects and the long period it has rested on the sea bed. Nonetheless, the team was really determined and a few months later on the 1st September 1985, the French and American expedition led by Jean-Louis Michel and Dr. Robert Ballard, using a sonar system camera to scour the depths of the sea floor, picked up a sign of debris thousands of feet below the sea.

This eluded the misery that has remained for many years uncovered. The bow and stern of the RMS Titanic were discovered though almost 2000 ft apart. The ship’s location was about 13 miles from the last recorded position before it sank. There is a deep canyon, which is carved out of the ocean floor, which lies about 3.5 miles west of the presently located seabed where the ship rests. This means that should the wreck have landed on that deep canyon, it probably couldn’t have been found.

Pictures of Titanic Under Water and Wreckage

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  1. Curtis D Sharp

    I understand and realize why they can’t raise the ship, but why are there not more artifacts brought up for museums so that people like me that have a true interest in this historic event could learn more? As a funeral director for many years, why has their never been any of the bodies recovered from Titanic? Give some closure to some of the families.

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